Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Missed You!

Dear friends!

Sorry we've beed gone so long...Mr.Man and Lady Mama had companyz but now der gone...but tomorrow more companyz come. *Whew* Itz hard finding hiding spots. Everybunny wants to touch us! We always say, "Look with your eyes an not yer hands!" but dey never listen cuz wee're so soft. Itz hard to be so byootiful!

So we wanted to show you sum stuffs:

Lady Mama an Mr. Man had dinner at r Aunt's howse with r cousins Cheetah an Callie. Dey went for Christmas dinner on December 21 cuz da companyz were coming on December 24.

Here dey are waiting for turkeyz an cookies. Dere so polite!

On Christmas Eve, we got 2 very special cards in da mail...One from r bunny friends Buttons, Yohji and Hans. Dey live in Malaysia! Dat's reelly far away! Dey gave us a byootiful kard and two special bunny ornaments for r Christmas tree! Aren't dey great?! We luv dem so much!

An look at da kool stamps on de envelope! Dere funny!

An r other special kard came from r great friend Eaton in Australia. We think we want to live in Australia! Dey have kangaroos dere! Maybe we could be friends...Eaton, can u introduce us to some kangaroos?

See? Here's da byootiful kard she sent! We even tasted da corner to show r approval!

An den it was Christmas morning an Santa left us a prezint! Good thing we left him sum carrots and oats as a snak!

We liek da wicker ball an fancy flower hay salad, but we reeelly reeeelly liek the kardboard wrapping!

Merry belated Christmas to all r friends! Hope Santa was good to u too!


Anonymous said...

We're glad you got our card in time!! Wow, that's a lot of presents!! You must have been very good bunnies :D Cheetah and Callie look like very good kitties too.. we would never be able to wait so patiently for food!

The Bunns said...

Well that looks like a fine celebration all the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Those bunny ornaments of you two are adorable! You got some really wonderful gifts!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer bunz,
i read a articul in da noo york timez abowt bunz are da noo dogz an catz in noo york city. i'd bring it over to show u but i'm grownded an i can't get OWT!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Wow! It looks like you had a terrific holiday! Those cards and ornaments are very cool! (That cat was way too polite...what's wrong with it? If there is turkey and cookies involved -- "Dive right in," we say!