Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bunnies Have a Big Day!

Whew! We're soooo tired! Lady Mama didn't haf to werk today so we had to listen to her baking cookies an singin Christmas karols. She wouldn't give us any cookies...says they're "not good for you!" Dat's silly. If dey smell gud, dey must bee gud for u!

Anyway, we had to sleep with the flashy box flashing all da tiem!

We had a baff:

AppleJack tooked a nap:

Den I goosed him in da butt:

Den I runned away so we cud play tag!

Den Lady Mama an Mr. Man went to "run sum errands". Lady Mama mailed r Christmas kards. Yeah! Now we haf to gif kards to r friends here in town. Lady Mama sayed dat da line up was really, really long an she had to wait for awhile. But dat's okay cuz she HAD to mail r kards cuz we're too short to reach the counter and we don't haf pockets to carry stamps or monies for stamps!

Now we r tired an need another nap!


Anonymous said...

LOL! My bunnies like to goose each other's bums too, then run away! Great shots of Lola in action :D

FrecklesandDeb said...

We can see why you'd be tired -- that's a lot of activity for one day!

The Bunns said...

Oh naps .. good. We are tired reading about all the fun there!

Anonymous said...

We think you must be mistaken, Lola. You could not have goosed AppleJack, you must've bunnyed him! hahaha!

The Carolina Cats said...

Looks like a fun day! Except for the mom singing, of corse. Owrs does that too and she's awrful.

Yore frend Buddy