Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween Everybunny!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Our wonderful friend Toulouse sent us pretty award! He's one of the sweetest kittehs we know! Thanks Toulouse!

These are the rules:
~Put the logo on your blog;
~Add a link to the person who awarded you.
~Nominate 10 other blogs
~Add links to those blogs on yours.
~Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

We nominate:

Gaston Meow
Jeter Harris
Gandalf & Grayson
Baby Mao
Jans Funny Farm
Furry Butts
Diva Kitty & the Fluffies
Eaton Bennett

We luv spreadin' the luv!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our New Friend!

Dis is for our new friend in da land down under! Dat place must be byootiful! We wish we could go for a visit to see Eaton!

The Bunnies are Back!

We found out what a "roadtrip"'s a really, really long drive!

We went from Regina, Saskatchewan to Lacombe, Alberta

Lady had to work, so we couldn't leave until 11:30 am. Dat means we got a late start. Our travel house was okay, but Mr. Man made us listen to the rock an roll music all the way there! We prefer classical or really cool Latin.

First we drove very far. Fortunately where we live is very flat, so Mr. Man could sleep an drive at the same time. He said that cuz the car was going straight and the road was straight, a nap was da proper thing to do. We tried to wave down a police car to report dis, but they couldn't see us in our travel house.

Along da way, we saw some interesting things, like this weird moving house! There were many houses on wheels. One was so big dat we had to drive in the ditch! Lady couldn't take a photo cuz she was busy screaming! She's very dramatic!

An we saw lots of grain elevators. Dat's where da famers put their yummy oats an other stuff. We wanted to stop to investimagate but Mr. Man couldn't hear us over da rock an roll music. We thought it was a good place to get a snack.

Cuz it's fall, dere's lots of big trucks with hay bales. We thought they were delivery trucks carrying our dinner, but Lady said da hay was for cows an horses. Why they steal our snacks?

Finally, we crossed over into Alberta! We already drived for 4 hours and still had to keep going!

Dere was more of the long road and the flat country...

...But eventually we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Lacombe!

Lacombe is really byootiful! Iz near a place called Red Deer an halfway between Edmonton an Calgary. Dis is one of da pretty buildings.

We stayed there for some days, but Mr. Man an Lady forgot to take photos. Grandma let us stay on da nice carpet an play all over da place! We loved it. But then it was time to go home.

They call Saskatchewan the "Land of Living Skies"'s what they mean:

An we saw some buffalos too! They are really big!

But now we are are home an we are happy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AppleJack has a Question...

Deer people of the innernets,

Wazza "road trip"?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh Dear...

Ders still snow ona grownd...

Lady mama's still cryin ona sofa...

Iz gonna be a long winter.

Uh Oh...

Lady's freakin cuz dis is da view outside dis morning! We don think she likes da view.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn went away!

Yesterday, Lady took dis foto of a herd of wild bunnies in da field across the creek. Iz not a great foto, but she's just a silly hoomin so don be too hard on her! (Da little white dots by the red box are da bunnies)

Dis afternoon it started to snow. Snow is cold an wet an we don't like it too much. Herez da same photo frum today:

Here's our backyard:

But don worry cuz we r nice an cozy in da Bunny Lounge!

Da End

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dis for Miss Daisy!

Miss Daisy,

Beecuz you wear kyoot outfits, we thought you wood appresiat this kyoot little hand made pirate kitteh! We saw her and thought of you! Look at her preety little skirt!

Love Lola & AppleJack

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks Everybunny!

Thanks for all the reelly nise comments on Da Bunny Lounge! We liek company! We wish you were here in reel life so we could show you how we danse an play!

But deres someting else you should know...Lady is using some very unladylike langauges lately! She keeps talkin out how wallpapers are made by the devil. She's been in the basement peeling the papers off the walls, an she's been complaining an windging for 2 days! We don't understand why it's such hard work!

Look we already started peeling the papers off da wall in Da Bunny Lounge!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dis is for you Mr. Jeter!

We wuz reading r favorite bloggies and Mr. Jeter Harris said:

"wow ... wuttza bunny lounge? jus wunderin."

So now we gif you a toor, so you feel comfortables when you come to visit!

Dis r howse were we stay at nite. R potty iz in der with r hay an food. See how the doors are open? Dats so we can go in an out whenever we want!

Dis is where we tried to make some home improvements, but the hoomin slaves didn't approve an they put some tin foil an tape down. Hoomin slaves have no taste in interior designs! We just can't haf nise things!

Dis Mr.Man working at the big table with the tv and letter board. We like to tease him and dance around because we don't have to "work" because we are bunnies!

Dis is the fabulus table where the yummies are! Iz just a little bit too hi for us to reach da yummies. But sumtimes we can reach an grab them an run away! Heehee!

Dis where da slaves keep da moovies. We like to make de moovies pretty by noming on them. Da slaves don like it so they put up the force field. Sumtimes we think we live with hillbillies!

Dis is da our favorite play area! Ders a stage to danse on an our hiding box to nap in an our favorite phonebook to nom!

Sumtimes we hang out under the fabulous table an eat Lady's knitting patterns. She likes to play with stix an string, but we're not supposed to eat da stix so we eat da patterns to make dem byootiful!

Dis is da crazy invisible force field that makes us have to stay in the Bunny Lounge. Iz really slippy an scary! We can only go here if da slaves carry us! Mr. Jeter can probly cross da force field cuz he has little pads on his feets. We only haz furs which is kinda like wearing skates.

Da end.

Hope to see you soon Mr. Jeter!