Monday, September 29, 2008


AppleJack says:
Lady is the worst gardener ever! She ruined des carrots! Der PURPLE!

I don't get it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bunny Facts: Part 1

Bunny Myths:

#1. Bunnies should live outside. False!
Bunnies like to live indoors! Da vet says we have longer "life-span" (We don't know dat word) if we live in a howse. Up to 15 years! Lola's 2 and I'm 3 so we have a long time to go!

#2. Bunnies smell bad. False!
We smell nice! Sometimes AppleJack even smells like Mr.Man's perfume! Dat's weird, but true! As long as the hoomin slaves tidy our potty, there's no smell at all!

#3. Bunnies should only eat pellets. False!
We like a varied diet...but we are vegetable-arians. We get a big salad in da morning and at bedtime. We also get only a little tiny bit of pellets and oats, cuz they make us fat! But one time Lola tried to steal a porkchop. I don't know why cuz I'm scard of meat! I go *thump* when I smell it!

#4. Bunnies only like carrots. False!
We like carrots, but it's an acquired taste. They are very high in calcium an sugar so we can get chubby or even bladder rocks if we eat too many!

#5. Bunnies need to stay in a cage all the time. False False False!
We sleep in a cage (we prefer the word "howse") at night so we stay safe. But Mr. Man an Lady leave the door open for us all day so we can go in and out. We eat an nap an potty in our house but we like to run and play in the livingroom an in Mr. Man's office all day! We have special spots where we nap an groom an stuff. We feel sad for bunnies who have to stay locked up all the time! They get chubby an cranky an sometimes they will bite cuz they are sad an frustrated!

#6. Bunnies are vishus an mean. So very very false we could cry!
We don't know why people think this! It's very sad because those people never even met us! We are not mean or vishus! We luv when peoples come to visit us. Because we are "fixed" (we don't think we were broken before but hoomins are weird), we are very polite an gentle. We like to sit with the hoomin slaves an groom them because sometimes their furs are wrinkled an dirty. We also like to be groomed by the hoomin slaves. We sit an watch the talking box with them so they don't feel lonely an then they feel special! We don't bite them either. Sometimes we lick them to see how they taste, but we don't bite! Our new vet said that AppleJack was a "biter" but that's cuz he was scared an she touched him under his chin where his eyes can't see, but usually he's very very polite, even when the slaves hand feed us treats.

We hope this helps clear up some very bad rumours about bunnies! We are kind of like kittehs but I think we get in less trouble! (Sorry, Kitteh friends!) And our ears are longer! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Bunnies are excited!

AppleJack: Lola's so excited that she fainted and falled over! I have to blog all by myself!

Mr. Jeter Harris put us on his bloggie! I'm so excited that I couldn't even eat my treats! I'm running laps around the living room with happy! Mr. Jeter is famous, you know. All the kitties in the world know him. He's like a rock star, only really nice!

We love you Mr. Jeter! Maybe you can come visit us! We could play and go for a ride in the Bunny Buggy! Do you eat salad? We eat salad and you can have ours!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Lola says:
Our byootiful friend Gaston Meow gived us these two awards! Isn't he the bestest kitteh in the whole world! We love Gaston Meow!

AppleJack says:
He also sent us our very first meme! I'm so excited I nearly fell down!

This is our meme: list three things that you don't like.

Hmmm...this is hard becuz bunnies are very particular and we don't like lots of things.

But we can only have three!

Okay, but we'll list the bestest three!


The things we dislike the most are:

1. Manicures and pedicures because they are very degrading and the stoopid hoomin lady takes too long!

2. The wrong treats. Sumtimes stoopid hoomin slaves try to be creative with the yummies. Stop it!

3. Being interrupted when we're playing in the park. Hoomin slaves don't have much endurance so the make US come home early! Have you ever heard of a treadmill?? Seriously!
We would like to tag:



Jeter Harris

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Lady made a nice video to show you how kyoot we are, but Blogger couldn't upload it. *sigh*

Saturday, September 20, 2008


We were reading the newspaper this morning and read a story that gave us a sad! Did you know that some bunnies don't have forever homes? We didn't know!

This is Cadbury and he and his 6 friends are looking for homes. The live at a place called the Humane Society and they don't have bunny buggies or toys or playtime!

We are sad for our brothers and sisters. :(

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apple Jack's Story's Lady again. I thought it only fair to tell Apple Jack's story and how he came to us.

Mr. Man and I knew that Lola desperately needed a friend because she treated him like her boyfriend...grooming his feet, begging for attention, etc. but she also had a strange behaviour. She refused to let her tummy fur grow -- in fact, she was over grooming herself and at times, pulling tufts of fur right out!

I saw an add with a cute photo of a sweet brown boy bunny. His name was Apple Jack. I rang the owner and found that she was moving to a place that didn't allow pets. She had already found homes for 2 other bunnies, but no one seemed interested in Apple Jack.

Mr. Man and I quickly went to see this little guy...and he was adorable! It broke my heart that no one had wanted this little dude! After a failed attempted bonding with our 2 previous rabbits, we were a bit nervous about just bringing him home. The owner said that we could bring Lola to see Apple Jack and see how it went. I had hopes because he had lived with other rabbits and was obviously lonely and slightly depressed.

The introduction went fairly well. Apple Jack was interested but not aggressive. Lola was terrified and kept looking for a place to hide...but not aggressive either! Yeah! It just might work!

This is a photo of the two of them together on Apple Jack's second night with us.

It took about a week and lots of driving around the city with two nervous rabbits in a laundry basket (after more traditional bonding attempts had been made) but they were finally friends! They loved each other! But now we had another problem. Apple Jack stopped eating. Needless to say, this scared the poop out of us because we had lost a sweet little boy to gastric stasis not even a year before.

We rushed him to the vet. She checked his teeth, took x-rays, did a thorough exam (concluded that he's a bitter! Which he's not! He's never even grazed me with his teeth in his frenzy to nom down a treat! Crazy lady! *grumble grumble*) and said if he was in stasis, it was very early stages.

By the following day, he still wasn't eating and we had to resort to force feeding and daily weigh-ins. That week he lost over a pound (he was only around 5 lbs when we got him).

I know! He doesn't look too happy, but he tolerated it like the trooper that he is and got better. He's been perfect ever since! (Poor pathetic little baby!)

This is one of his first photo shoots where he was still interested in the camera. He doesn't even pretend to be interested anymore. In fact, just the other day we took a picture of him while he was sleeping with his eyes wide open. Even though the flash was pretty intense, he didn't even flinch.

Here he is during one of his first trips to the park. He loves the park and playing in the grass! It's usually a bit of a struggle to get him loaded back in the bunny buggy for the trip home.

Today, Apple Jack has become a huge part of our lives. He's funny, playful and adorable! Every day after work, he and Lola come running for their mid-afternoon treat and dance around my feet until I giggle (and give in!). The both hang out with us in the evening...sleeping, cuddling, grooming each other and watching tv.

We're so glad that we found him and that he loves Lola so very, very much!

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Friend!

Today we want to introduce new friend! We are so excited to have new internet friends!

Dis is Toulouse the Kitteh! He extremely handsome majestic!

You can go to Toulouse's Kozy Korner and say hello! He's very friendly!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bunnies are very Artistic!

Lady should know better than to leave a paper where we can reach! We like art projects. Dis one called "Altered Knitting Pattern, #17".

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lola's Story


This is "Lady". I thought I'd interrupt the bunny blog to tell you a little bit about Lola and how she came to us.

In the fall of 2006, we'd moved to a new city. We went back to our previous home to pick up a few items we'd left with a neighbour. Because we had volunteered at the local SPCA (with the rabbits, mainly), we stopped in to see the staff. We'd been gone for a couple of months and only one familiar rabbit remained...Lola.

I remembered her from our volunteer days and had worried that she wouldn't be adopted because she was quite shy, was almost completely white and had a deformed back leg. When we saw her in her little cage, I knew we had to take her with us! Fortunately, my husband (Mr.Man) had brought along the travel carrier. We ran out and got a few things for Lola and went back to the shelter to pick her up.

Our vehicle was pretty full on the trip home and I had to stow the carrier under my feet...not such a nice place for a bunny! So we took her out of her carrier and she sat on my lap with her head in the crook of my arm for the 2 1/2 hour trip home! We've been in love with her ever since.

These photos are of Lola's first day with us.

We didn't know Lola's age, but figured she was about six months. When to took her in to be spayed, the vet found that she was quite a bit younger. In the end, it made sense...she slept a lot and didn't mind being held for long periods of time.

This photo shows Lola during one of her many naps after her surgery. Note the naked belly!

Lola's never been a brave girl...full of personality, but a complete chicken. I don't think she'd ever been outside before I tried taking her out a the shelter. She hid under a picnic table the entire time! No matter what I tried or how much I coaxed, she wouldn't budge! Things have changed now. We try to take the buns to the park on a regular basis and they seem to really enjoy themselves.


Lola now runs the house. Here she's showing her disapproval of our choice of living room furniture! You'll be pleased to hear that we've changed our decor!

Here she's hanging out on the sofa while Mr. Man sits on the floor.

This is Lola today...two years later (minus Apple Jack, her constant companion). She's a big beautiful, mischievous little princess! We love her to death and are glad we have the honour of giving her a forever home.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yeah Summer!

Today was fabulous! Mr. Man gived us yummies from the garden! We luv carrot tops!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our New Friend

Dis is Gaston Meow! He our new friend from Belgium. He very byootiful kitteh! You could visit him at his blog! You should go and say Hola!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday was ruff!

We had a very hard day on Sunday! First we sleeped by the fireplace.

Then we sleeped by the sofa.

All the ladies will want to gaze upon my (Apple Jack) byootiful-ness!

Try not to swoon at the sight of my manly bunny feet!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We hate cleaning day...

Cleaning day sucks. Mr. Man rips our house apart. Then he takes away the poop tray! Where are we supposed to go?

No tray! No water bottle! No Hay! *thump thump*

Almost back to normal. Stoopid filthy hoomins! They should clean when we are out playing!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today Lady had a good hair day and she says that means that her
Museum Tour went well!

We don't know what them means but that's okay.

Look, the yoggie bag has been left unattended...we better investigate!

Lola says "My head's stuck!"

Apple Jack says "My head's stuck!"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For your viewing pleasure...

A moment of quiet amidst the chaos:

We realize that this video is very dark, but filthy stoopid hoomin not so good with video camera. Our apologies.

Luv Lola & Apple Jack

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labour Day Monday

Today we helped Mr. Man fix his computers. He has many, many, many. A few days ago, something started going *beeeeeep beeeeeep beeeeep*. He told us what it was, but it was geek-speak, so of course we didn't really get it ('cuz we are not geeks).

Here's how we directed the delicate operations:

Then we were exhausted! So much work! Mr. Man's a slave driver! We disapprove!