Thursday, December 18, 2008

Urgent Message!

Dearest Friends of the Interwebs,

We are shocked and scared because der r reports of SNOWS in Las Vegas! What kind of chaos has come to da earth? Dey don even have snowplows!

We are accepting donations of snow tires, snow plows an snow shoes. Don forget dat dey don have hats an mittens either! For the love of all the freezing bunnies in Las Vegas, start knitting! We suggest brite colours and big needles.

Now, back to the blanket fort until this craziness passes!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Never fear. We have just dispatched a tractor trailer full of snow plows, mittens and knitted hats and scarves, bunny size. We're loading another with bunny snow shoes and chains for your 4 wheelers.

Santa is driving so they should arrive tomorrow. Have a nice nap tonight and be prepared for FUN, FUN, FUN in the snow tomorrow.

No thanks necessary. Glad to do this for our friends.

Anonymous said...

The first Vegas snow in 3 decades!! What is the world coming to.. We hope all the bunnies there are OK.

You guys keep as warm as you can! Stay under the blanket fort and don't come out unless there is yummy food to eat :D

The Bunns said...

Whew good for the Funny Farm ... we have to keep all that stuff here for us ... we got 16 inches ourselves and none of those preparations either.

Anonymous said...

That is just so weird, isn't it? For the love of all the freezing bunnies in Las Vegas, start knitting! made Mom snort her coffee! hahaha!