Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lady Mama: Status Update

Hi Everybunny! We wanted to let you know that Lady Mama won't have to run around nakid in a snowbank trying to put dead houseplants ina garden!

Iz above freezing for the past few days an da snow is going away and da wind is blowing da humidities into da next province! She even saw 2 gophers an 2 robins! Dat means dat spring is here! She even gotted sum pretty flowers for da garden...

We're she can stop acting all crazy an stuff an get back to being a prober bunny slave!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


***Lady Mama Snaps!***

We interrupt your lazy Sunday with dis special bulletin! Lady Mama haz officially lost her mind! Apparently da winter has gotten da best of her. She's obsessed with her garden even though it'z -20 C, dere'z tonz of snow and da wind iz howling! She'z been lookin at garden flowers non-stop for a week. We think da dreaded "cabin fever" haz finally set in!

She'z ordering lilies an other purdy flowers...

Sure, der pretty, but it'z many months before she can see da dirt in da garden cuz da snow is very deep! Mr. Man is even feedin' da indigent jack rabbit bunnies who have to live outside (dat's sad). Dere's too much snow to dig for old dead grass.

Lady Mama is even crazy enough to try growing something called "dahlias". They don't live here in da prairies cuz itz too cold, so she haz to dig dem up in da fall. Cuz she's got dis weird crazy look in her eyes, we told her we'd help her dig cuz we're gud diggers.

You can never be too careful with crazy cabin fever people! Dey can just snap and start runnin around in da snow wearin nothing but a bathing suit an a fur hat, trying to put a dead house plant in da frozen garden! So we're pretending dat it'z summer an it'z warm outside.

Hoomins are very sad in da winter...

***Stay tooned for updates!***