Friday, September 12, 2008

Lola's Story


This is "Lady". I thought I'd interrupt the bunny blog to tell you a little bit about Lola and how she came to us.

In the fall of 2006, we'd moved to a new city. We went back to our previous home to pick up a few items we'd left with a neighbour. Because we had volunteered at the local SPCA (with the rabbits, mainly), we stopped in to see the staff. We'd been gone for a couple of months and only one familiar rabbit remained...Lola.

I remembered her from our volunteer days and had worried that she wouldn't be adopted because she was quite shy, was almost completely white and had a deformed back leg. When we saw her in her little cage, I knew we had to take her with us! Fortunately, my husband (Mr.Man) had brought along the travel carrier. We ran out and got a few things for Lola and went back to the shelter to pick her up.

Our vehicle was pretty full on the trip home and I had to stow the carrier under my feet...not such a nice place for a bunny! So we took her out of her carrier and she sat on my lap with her head in the crook of my arm for the 2 1/2 hour trip home! We've been in love with her ever since.

These photos are of Lola's first day with us.

We didn't know Lola's age, but figured she was about six months. When to took her in to be spayed, the vet found that she was quite a bit younger. In the end, it made sense...she slept a lot and didn't mind being held for long periods of time.

This photo shows Lola during one of her many naps after her surgery. Note the naked belly!

Lola's never been a brave girl...full of personality, but a complete chicken. I don't think she'd ever been outside before I tried taking her out a the shelter. She hid under a picnic table the entire time! No matter what I tried or how much I coaxed, she wouldn't budge! Things have changed now. We try to take the buns to the park on a regular basis and they seem to really enjoy themselves.


Lola now runs the house. Here she's showing her disapproval of our choice of living room furniture! You'll be pleased to hear that we've changed our decor!

Here she's hanging out on the sofa while Mr. Man sits on the floor.

This is Lola today...two years later (minus Apple Jack, her constant companion). She's a big beautiful, mischievous little princess! We love her to death and are glad we have the honour of giving her a forever home.

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Gaston is back! muahahahaha said...

What a nice story ^_^
with a happy ending awww..
All of you are lucky to have each other! Happy puurrrrssss..
Gaston Meow

PS. I enjoyed Lola's photos very much! She is so cuteee..awwww...