Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bunny Facts: Part 1

Bunny Myths:

#1. Bunnies should live outside. False!
Bunnies like to live indoors! Da vet says we have longer "life-span" (We don't know dat word) if we live in a howse. Up to 15 years! Lola's 2 and I'm 3 so we have a long time to go!

#2. Bunnies smell bad. False!
We smell nice! Sometimes AppleJack even smells like Mr.Man's perfume! Dat's weird, but true! As long as the hoomin slaves tidy our potty, there's no smell at all!

#3. Bunnies should only eat pellets. False!
We like a varied diet...but we are vegetable-arians. We get a big salad in da morning and at bedtime. We also get only a little tiny bit of pellets and oats, cuz they make us fat! But one time Lola tried to steal a porkchop. I don't know why cuz I'm scard of meat! I go *thump* when I smell it!

#4. Bunnies only like carrots. False!
We like carrots, but it's an acquired taste. They are very high in calcium an sugar so we can get chubby or even bladder rocks if we eat too many!

#5. Bunnies need to stay in a cage all the time. False False False!
We sleep in a cage (we prefer the word "howse") at night so we stay safe. But Mr. Man an Lady leave the door open for us all day so we can go in and out. We eat an nap an potty in our house but we like to run and play in the livingroom an in Mr. Man's office all day! We have special spots where we nap an groom an stuff. We feel sad for bunnies who have to stay locked up all the time! They get chubby an cranky an sometimes they will bite cuz they are sad an frustrated!

#6. Bunnies are vishus an mean. So very very false we could cry!
We don't know why people think this! It's very sad because those people never even met us! We are not mean or vishus! We luv when peoples come to visit us. Because we are "fixed" (we don't think we were broken before but hoomins are weird), we are very polite an gentle. We like to sit with the hoomin slaves an groom them because sometimes their furs are wrinkled an dirty. We also like to be groomed by the hoomin slaves. We sit an watch the talking box with them so they don't feel lonely an then they feel special! We don't bite them either. Sometimes we lick them to see how they taste, but we don't bite! Our new vet said that AppleJack was a "biter" but that's cuz he was scared an she touched him under his chin where his eyes can't see, but usually he's very very polite, even when the slaves hand feed us treats.

We hope this helps clear up some very bad rumours about bunnies! We are kind of like kittehs but I think we get in less trouble! (Sorry, Kitteh friends!) And our ears are longer! :)


Daisy said...

Thanks for teaching us all about bunnies, it was very fascinating! But I already knew the part about bunnies not being vicious and mean. I know they are nice!

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Wow, wat a good list of bunny myths and truths. We love bunnies, me speshly! I had a frend bunny named Bernard at owr old howse in Charlotte. He was a wild bun tho. Maybe soemday we will haf some inside bunny frends!!

We saw yore blog on Jeter's blog and we are glad to meet some more bunnies!