Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks Everybunny!

Thanks for all the reelly nise comments on Da Bunny Lounge! We liek company! We wish you were here in reel life so we could show you how we danse an play!

But deres someting else you should know...Lady is using some very unladylike langauges lately! She keeps talkin out how wallpapers are made by the devil. She's been in the basement peeling the papers off the walls, an she's been complaining an windging for 2 days! We don't understand why it's such hard work!

Look we already started peeling the papers off da wall in Da Bunny Lounge!


Toulouse said...

I truly love you guys so much. Mom had bunnies when the girls were little. Did I tell you that? Well one day mom decided Flopsy and Mopsy needed exercise so she let them play in the bathroom. When mom went back to check on them..... they ate a huge hole in the wall (dry wall). *giggles* I know Flopsy and Mopsy would have loved having you as friends! Mom also can appreciate your moms frustration! Glad you are there to help her out!


Anonymous said...

You'll have the lounge completely remodeled in no time!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

prettee soon mi mom will be takin da wallpaper down frum da wall in da bafroom.
it'z verree eksitin!