Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome to the Bunny Lounge!

My boyfriend Apple Jack and I (Lola) see that kitty and doggie friends do bloggies...Why not us? We haf xtremely interesting lif...more than doggies and kitties!

We lif in big house with big yard and keep 2 hoomins named Lady and Mr. Man (Mr. for short). We liek to make shur hoomins get plenty of xercise so we take dem to park whenever we haz tiem. Besides, they luv push the bunny buggy!

We liek to play and nap in sun and bug Mr. whin hes working! Hoomins are strange. He sit at big table and looks ata tv all day. Lady goes way in the morning but wen she comes back she gives us crisp bread. We especially luv eat yummies...yoggies...crunchy donuts..salad...yoggies.

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